Friday, April 15, 2011

3 Astonishing But Simple Law of Attraction Tips

The Benefits of Staying PositiveWhat I enjoyed about the movie “The Secret” is  that it reaffirmed the idea that I have the power to change the outcome of my day.
My thoughts control my emotions that help me control the actions I take to be happy or not. These are simple law of attraction techniques that I personally use in my life that helps me be aligned with the goals I’m striving to reach.
Here are 3 simple law of attraction techniques you can use to improve your life.

1. Visualization
Visualizing isn’t a simple law of attraction technique to use when you have a difficult time focusing on your goals. It’s not easy to stay focused when endless thoughts are running through your mind. Our worries, problems, and the things that need to get done, get in the way of us visualizing effectively.
What I like to do when  I can’t concentrate is to drop whatever I’m currently doing and do something that makes me happy. This easy and simple law of attraction tip will help put you in the right frame of mind to visualize. Once your state of mind is focused. Take that time to concentrate on your goals and dreams.
Visualization and positive thinking  plays a big part in the law of attraction. With the law of attraction, like attracts like. No matter what you believe in, the thoughts your focused on will attract all the good or bad things in your life. Our minds defines our physical experience in life. Subconsciously or consciously, we are attracting everything we are experiencing.
2. Gratitude
It’s amazing how something as simple as gratitude can change one’s life. The power of gratitude has had quite and effect in my life. Being grateful has made me a better and happier person.  Here is what you can do to transform your life with the simple act of gratitude.
  • Wake up everyday giving thanks
    When you wake up in the morning, take time to make a mental list of everything you are thankful for.  This simple law of attraction technique will help you start your day on the right foot.
  • Be grateful for challenges in life.
    We all have problems in life. Instead of indulging in self pity, look at it as an opportunity to grow and learn as a person.  This can help you change from a complainer to an optimistic person.
  • Make a gratitude list if your having a bad day
    Everyone has those days where anything that can go wrong does go wrong. So on days like that make a gratitude list. You can always find something to be thankful for.
  • Be grateful for what you have
    You’ve probably heard of this simple law of attraction saying before. There are people out there that don’t have roofs over their head, don’t own gadgets like cellphones or computers, or work in sweatshops to make a measly living.  It’s easy to forget there are people in the world that have it worse than you. So take a moment to be grateful for everything you have in  your life, even if you think life could be better.
3. Stop procrastinating and take action in your life
The only negative thing I can say about the movie “The Secret” is the simplistic portrayal of the Law of Attraction. They emphasize more on positive thinking and visualizing than actually taking action to manifest your desires. The Law of Attraction is more than just wishful thinking. Merely wishing on weight loss or finding your future soul mate isn’t going to make you closer to getting the desired results you want.
The movie made me feel good but it lacks on the part where you have to action to make your dreams a reality. In order to make the law of attraction work for you, taking action is essential.
There are many times we get so caught up with our everyday life (work, kids, financial problems, and  etc..) that we don’t take the necessary steps to make our dreams a reality.   Here are some things you can do to prevent life’s distraction from keeping you away from your goals.
Stop analyzing and over thinking everything. You’re going to waste time, energy and you’ll only end up going in circles. Also try to avoid perfection. Nothing is perfect. If you focus too much on perfection, it may stop you from taking the required action you need to reach your goals.  Lastly, take baby steps. You might spread yourself too thin if you bite off more than you can chew.
These simple law of attraction steps can help you achieve and reach your goals more effectively and efficiently. Employ these tips and soon enough you’ll be living the life you want to live.

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