Sunday, April 3, 2011


Sonam Kapoor’s routine has taken such a toll on her health that the actress had to be admitted to Kokilaben hospital on Thursday morning.
Just last month she recovered from typhoid and now thanks to her hectic schedule she has had a relapse.
Reportedly, the actress has been working non-stop, promoting Thank You and filming for Mausam. A source tells us, “Sonam was very exhausted and tired and she was very unwell. She was breathless, when she was rushed to the Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, where she is now recuperating.”
Another source close to her family said, “Sonam has been extremely tied-up with promoting Thank You. In addition, she has night shoots for Mausam. When she is at home too she does not get any rest because people are constantly calling her up.
All this has has been mentally stressful. At least, now that she is in the hospital, she can take time off all the work and calls and let the doctors build her immunity.”
Jayanta Narayan Saha, the spokesperson of Kokilaben Hospital, informed, “Sonam is better now. She is under the consultation of Dr. Jyotsna Oak. She was experiencing a slight pain in her stomach.
The doctor said there is nothing to worry about. She can be discharged today but her parents want her to stay for one more day in the hospital and rest.”

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