Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brown Spots on Teeth

It's normal to see people neglecting oral health for reasons unknown. Bad teeth, gum diseases, spots on teeth, all have become so common. Brown spots on teeth is the staining of the teeth due to a variety of reasons. And there is no need to mention that people always search for ways to get rid of this problem, as it prevents them from flashing a toothy smile. On a serious note, spots on the teeth should be dealt with seriously, as it is a serious sign of bad dental health, which can lead to many problems in the future.
The stain deposition starts slowly on the tooth enamel, and if neglected, it proceeds to the open cracks and crevices, and deposits there. Let's now understand in detail what causes these small brown spots on teeth, and also what can be done to get rid of them.

Brown Spots on Teeth: Causes
  • Smoking has so many side effects, one of them being development of brown spots on the teeth. Chain smokers are greatly prone to develop these unwanted spots, as the smoke deposits unwanted chemicals on the teeth, causing them to develop ugly stains.
  • Consumption of beverages like alcohol, soft drinks and coffee in huge proportions, on a daily basis, also contributes to the development of these brown stains on the teeth.
  • Neglected dental hygiene, that is not cleaning the teeth regularly and properly, is also the reason for brown spots on the teeth. Harmful bacteria are deposited on the teeth due to unclean teeth, and the staining occurs.
  • Use of certain medications and antibiotics is also said to cause staining of the teeth.
  • Chewing of tobacco frequently also causes the development of brown spots on the teeth.
  • The occurrence of discolored teeth can sometimes be a heredity factor, that is if your parents or someone in the family has got it, you may also get it.
  • Certain treatments like radiation therapy directly affect the tooth enamel, causing the stains.
  • Sometimes, too much fluoride in the water or toothpaste can cause the development of brown spots on the teeth, especially in children.
  • Aging is also one of the reasons for the development of brown spots on the teeth.
Brown Spots on Teeth: Treatment and Prevention

Brown spots on teeth is not a serious issue, though strictly following certain measures of dental hygiene can prevent them.

  • Brush your teeth thrice daily, or for that matter after you eat anything. Use a whitening toothpaste, it will help diminish the brown spots.
  • A paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is also helpful in treating brown spots on teeth, as hydrogen peroxide is a proven bleaching agent. Apply this paste on your toothbrush and gently brush your teeth. Use the concentration under proper guidance of a dentist only.
  • Make use of antibacterial mouthwash. Mouthwash keeps the breath fresh and also removes the plaque deposition, diminishing the stains.
  • Consult your dentist if the occurrence of brown spots is growing day by day. The doctor may suggest some cosmetic procedures to help get rid of the spots
  • Eat healthy food items, like lots of fruits and vegetables. Eating fresh food like vegetables and fruits has an indirect positive effect on dental health.
  • Last but not least, stop smoking, and the consumption of beverages like alcohol. If you do not stop, the brown marks would only get larger, making it more difficult to get rid of them.

This was also about brown spots on teeth. So, if you have a brown spot on the side of your tooth or anywhere else, don't worry, consistency is the key to white teeth. Follow a proper dental health care regimen for some months, and then get into the good habits, and be ready to flash your toothy smile!

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