Friday, April 15, 2011

Discover These 3 Law of Attraction Techniques to Change Your Life

Law of Attraction TechniquesIf you’ve watched The Secret or heard of the Law of Attraction, you are probably eager to make miracles happen in your life and finally make your dreams become reality.  Here, I’m going to share some Law of Attraction techniques with you here that I think you’ll really like.

First, create the “have it now” feeling.
If you’ve studied the Law of Attraction, you probably know that it is very important to believe and act as if you already have what you want.  This exercise is a special kind of meditation that will instantly make you feel wonderful and help you anchor those feelings of already having what you want in your life.
Simply find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.  Close your eyes and focus on what you want.  Now get up and take a walk around your neighborhood.  Pretend as if you already have what you want.  If you want money, pretend you are already a millionaire.  If you want love, pretend you already have your ideal relationship.  Whatever it is, pretend as if it’s already yours.  Walk the way you would walk as if it was already yours.  Think what you would think if it was already yours.
Whenever I do this, I instantly feel completely relaxed and at peace with the universe.  Suddenly, I feel that there is nothing left to struggle for or fight against.  There is nothing left but happiness and joy.  It’s a great feeling.  This is one of my favorite Law of Attraction techniques.
Second, take the time to be grateful for what you have. They say that having an “attitude of gratitude” is key to making the Law of Attraction work for you.  Simply being grateful for what you have is like telling the Universe, “Thank you for giving me all of these blessings.”  In return the Universe will start to send you even more things to be grateful for.
The best way to cultivate the feelings of gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal.  Every day, write down at least 5 things that you are grateful for that day.  These can be either big or small things.  What you’ll learn is that you can be grateful for just about anything.  One day I wrote down “I am grateful I caught the bus just in time and I wasn’t late for work.”
Then the next day I wrote, “I am grateful I missed the bus and had time to listen to the birds singing while I waited for the next bus.”  This is probably one of the most effective Law of Attraction techniques for changing your thinking around.
Third, just take the first step. A lot of times, people will hesitate to move toward their goals because they don’t have a complete plan on how to get what they want.  This shouldn’t hold you back, though.  Pretty much everyone that ever went out and achieved their dreams didn’t have the whole path planned out.  They just took the first step and waited for the next opportunity to reveal itself.
Don’t procrastinate waiting for all the traffic lights in life to turn green at the same time.  Just take the first step and wait for the Universe to reveal what you need to do next.
The Universe can give you anything that you want, but often times it won’t give it to you exactly the way you think it will.  Be flexible and be willing to adjust course when the time comes.  This is one of the most important Law of Attraction techniques you should adopt.
Use these 3 Law of Attraction techniques and you can really start to see some real, tangible results in your life.  No matter what your goals in life are, at the very least you’ll start to get some great ideas about things you can do to make them happen.  All that’s left is for you to have the courage and faith to go out and get them.

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