Sunday, April 24, 2011

Karen Bordador parades her boobs milk FHM malaysia sexy !

Karen Bordador Parades her Melons for FHM Malaysia April 2011

That's right. About a few hundreds of thousands of Malaysian wankers ages err 9 to 69 will be wanking on Karen's scantily clothed form. Not that we proud Pinoy wankers should mind. It's just that now that we've imported our Products over there, it's in the interest of whatever economic agreement there is between us and Malaysia that they send one of their own hottie our way. Preferably fully naked and if possible posing with something like a banana just so we can make a bit of a comparative estimate as to our wang and the banana. And if whatsoever way they send over someone ugly or fat, or male, then we declare War!

Back to business, up next are a few poorly scanned photos of Karen Bordador's Malaysian FHM spread.

Okay, there's nothing interesting about that spread. She didn't even put anything in her mouth, between her legs, or did anything worth drooling about. But Malaysia still owe us their own hottie just because.

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