Friday, April 15, 2011

The Law of Manifestation Exposed

A lot of people may learn about the law of manifestation (also known as the law of attraction) and want to know how they can use it in their lives.  A lot of people misunderstand it as well and think that it is somehow a magical way to bring riches or prosperity into their lives, while others may brush it off as a hoax.
The core idea behind the law of manifestation is: thoughts become things.
This is where all the confusion begins.
Now, at first this sounds like all you have to do to manifest a million dollars, for example, is imagine checks coming in the mail.  So you may sit down and think about checks coming in the mail.  One for $10,000 here, one for $20,000 there.  You may keep this up for a few weeks, maybe even a few months.
But if that’s all you do, you probably won’t see checks coming in the mail.  Why is this?
Simply put, you can’t just think about money and get money.  There is no giant dump truck full of golden coins coming to unload all of them into your driveway.
You have to put yourself into alignment in order to get money.  You may focus on money and what this will do is it will “tune you in,” so to speak, to opportunities out there to earn money.  You may notice an advertisement as you go through your day for a money making opportunity, or a friend might tell you about a stock tip, or a business associate may ask you to partner with him in a new venture.
Now these things were probably going on around you all the time before you started thinking about money.  You just weren’t paying attention to them.  You see, our minds are bombarded with countless things at all times.  In order to stay sane, we filter out what we pay attention to.  You probably don’t remember the color of the car you parked next to yesterday at work, or what color the cashier’s eyes were last time you went to the grocery store.  We can only pay attention to so much stuff and we just filter everything else out.
By focusing on an intention, such as attracting money into our lives, we dial into that wavelength and we start to notice money making opportunities we otherwise wouldn’t.  That’s the law of manifestation  Around the time I got my first car, a blue Toyota Corolla, I suddenly started to see blue Toyota Corollas everywhere I went.  Now the cars were probably there whizzing around me the whole time, but it wasn’t until I dialed into the “Toyota Corolla wavelength” that I started to see them everywhere.  I was focusing on Toyota Corollas, but it didn’t make one magically fall out of the sky into my driveway.  I still had to take action and go out and buy one.  I could have tried to find a contest to win one, I guess, but at the time, that didn’t occur to me.
The same can be said for money or romance or good health or just about anything else.  So to attract one million dollars, you just need to focus on the money.  Eventually the law of manifestation will give you a one million dollar idea.
This is how the law of manifestation works.  There are other universal laws that you can use in combination to make the whole manifestation process much easier such as the law of vibration and the law of abundance.  When you master all of them, then you can use them in concert and seemingly make magic in your life.

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