Friday, April 15, 2011

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Universe is governed by 7 Laws.  One of these Laws is the Law of Attraction (The Law of Perpetual Transmutation). So what is the Law of Attraction?  Everything is made up of energy, from soil to the birds flying above us to the nails on your fingertips.  Everything you see and touch is made up of pure energy.  If you broke things down from molecules to atoms eventually energy will be the only thing left.
So exactly how does energy relate to the Law of Attraction?  Think about, there is no solid substance holding your feelings and beliefs together. All your emotions and thoughts consist of pure energy. If energy makes up the Universe, can’t we use our thoughts to make reality?
Our thoughts and emotions attract the positive and negative things that happen to us.  You are responsible for everything that happens to you.  You might be thinking, so how did I ask for that stubbed toe I got this morning , ran out of toilet paper and on top of that spilled my coffee on a  favorite shirt?   Stubbing your toe in the morning created a chain reaction of negative thoughts that resulted in a rough start to your day.
On the other hand, having positive thoughts can have a chain reaction of all good things happening in your life.  Starting your day with an optimistic outlook in life can lead to a good morning.  You have to start believing that you can control the outcome of your day by monitoring your thoughts and emotions.
There are three steps that are vital to the Law of Attraction.
Ask: You  need to mentally visualize what you want to happen. The universe won’t know what to give you unless you ask for it.
Answer: You need to without a doubt believe that whatever you’re asking for is for sure going to happen.  Any lingering doubts or fears are just going to get in the way of you receiving what you want. Expect that the Universe has answers for what you want.
Receive: You can’t expect what you want is just going to fall in your lap.  In order to reach the your goals, you need to actively take part in getting what you want. Don’t let chance slip by, when  you see an opportunity, take it! Let life happen and be thankful for it as if you have already receive what you want.
Check out the rest of this website and get in the habit of using the Law of Attraction, soon life will start going your way !

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