Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Soaking Wet Photos of Former Ms. Wales and ‘Big Brother’ Star Imogen Thomas

Ever since her sister became the Duchess of Cambridge in-front of an audience of two billion, it seems like the only buzzworthy British chick on both sides of the Atlantic is Pippa Middleton. Catherine's party-girl sister has topless photos, bikini photos, photos of her dancing without a shirt on, and offers worth five million dollars to have Vivid Entertainment take photos of her getting drilled by another dude in a porno.

But, let's rewind back a month ago, before all the Royal Wedding hoopala, when former Ms. Wales and "Big Brother" contestant Imogen Thomas was ousted for having a six month tryst with a married Premiership soccer player. Though we just sorta yawned about it over here, the news turned into a full-blown Fleet Street scandal across the pond. After an injunction from a British court, juicy details about the affair were never revealed and names were never named. Regardless, the 28-year-old model is back in the pages of Zoo Magazine. She tells the magazine, "I've been hiding, but I'm back now and it's great. I've missed these sexy shoots. I've been training hard as I'm climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in June, and I've just spent a few months keeping my head down and working on various projects." Right. Imogen also gave the British lads magazine her first topless photo shoot in over a year. Horray! Let's check out 11 soaking-wet, SFW pics from the spread after the jump.

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