Monday, April 25, 2011

British Liberal Democrat Posted Raunchy S&M Pictures of Herself on the Internet

When are people going to start learning from the plight of others? I mean, if there is one glaring, unwritten rule to follow for someone seeking public office, or even a job, it's don't post tawdry pictures of yourself on the internet. Especially if your a fat slob who likes gag balls a little too much. Enter Liberal Democratic local election candidate (in the U.K.) Holly-Ann Battye, a fat slob just itchin' to be treated like a pig that's about to roast.
Last Friday some rather nauseating pictures of Holly-Anne surfaced, ultimately killing any chance for her to hold a public office or me to hold down solid food. Holly-Anne posted the pictures to the site DeviantArt under the alias HollytheWolly (I assume this is short for walrus) and some unkind son of a bitch caught wind of it and effectively ruined her life for the near future. Don't try to eat while looking at these; she is right up there with those ghastly, divot-faced hookers from last week. Enjoy.

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