Friday, April 15, 2011

Attracting Love With The Law of Attraction

Attracting Love With The Law of Attraction
Attracting love is one of the most uses for the law of attraction. You may be looking to attract a specific person or just want to attract a new loving relationship. Attracting love using the law of attraction is simple as long as you know how to go about it. Here are a few pointers on attracting love using the law of attraction.
First you should know that is possible to attract someone specific. There are many ways it can happen and many reasons it may work out. However, in the majority of cases you are more likely to attract someone you don’t know yet who is ten times better than the person you are currently in love with. You may not believe it now, but trust the process. You won’t regret whoever you do attract!
Keep in mind that pushing your will onto others is not a wise choice. The universe has a tendency to balance things out. If you attempt to force your will on another person, it is likely that someone else will begin forcing their will over you. Instead of forcing your will onto someone else, make sure that you focus on the feeling of being in love. Really feel the butterflies in your stomach, the constant daydreaming, and the astounding amount of pleasure derived simply from holding hands. When you visualize, use a generic person in your imagination. If you are really hung up on someone, you can use that person, but allow the energy of being with that person to be what’s important in your day dream, not so much that exact person themselves.
Great places to visualize when you’re attracting love are in your bed, relaxing in a bathtub, or sitting in a recliner. Allow your mind to wander off, and daydream to your heart’s content about what it’s like to be in love. Imagine walking with that special someone in a park holding hands, kissing, flirting, and gazing into each others eyes. Make it fun and as romantic as you wan it. If you start feeling that warm, tingly feeling of being in love then you’re doing it right!
If you make a habit of doing this for at least 20 minutes each day, you will start attracting love before you know it. Don’t be concerned with how long it takes – once you attract love into your life, looking back everything will have been timed to perfection. Be patient and enjoy the process, and know that soon you will find love.
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