Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bollywood film Shahrukh Khan's Ra.One‎ trailer

Ra 1 is a sci-fi movie based on Gaming,Bad Guys and Super Heroes. In the movie Shahrukh Khan plays the role of a Gaming Freak who falls in Love With Kareena Kapoor.

Kanika Dhillon arrives in Delhi from Amritsar for graduation at St Stephen's college and later headed to London School of Economics for further education. Then, she got a plum job in an MNC! However, she aspired for Bollywood since she was 17, but her parents wanted her to finish conventional education first. As soon as Kanika finished her degree in the UK, she told her parents that she had left for Mumbai.

When in Mumbai she wanted only to work with Shah Rukh Khan. No sooner, she interacted with SRK than she contributed to 'Billu' and now to 'Ra.One'. She denies that her debut novel "Bombay Duck is a Fish" is an autobiography. It's entirely fictional, even though there are a lot of motivations and inspirations from "real people I met". Incidentally, she has dedicated her debut work to SRK.

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