Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Michael Jackson Haircuts

Michael Jackson is well famed for his changing haircuts. Michael Jackson distinctive haircuts have become fashion statement for youngsters throughout the world on several occasions. Michael Jackson has kept the length of the curls below shoulder level. His hair is uniformly trimmed and suits well to his overall personality. The long bangs falling on the face of Michael Jackson are swept towards his ear and cheeks so as to make him look as gorgeous as never before.Michael Jackson is often seen in long side burns. Michael Jackson often ties his hair in partially down and partially up style. His half tied hair rewards him a sophisticated look that is essential for a pop icon.

In the starting phase of his career, he was seen in afro hairstyle which was liked by the afro Americans. These days he is having long and curly hair. Michael Jackson has jagged the hair layers for getting that extra volume in his hair.
Michael Jackson Men Long Haircut

The bangs on his forehead give him a classy and awesome look. The long curls that he is having these days, reflects the humor that he has in his personality. He has opted for curls because they are easy to maintain.

Michael Jackson Men Afro Haircut

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